09 Sep Feel Good Yoga Circuits!

Here's something new to add to your yoga practice! These 5 super feel good, moving yoga poses combine to create a powerfully energising and feel fantastic practice. These are some of my favourite movements to bring more radiance and vitality in to your body and then...

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05 May Simple Morning Yoga Routine

Would you love to start the day with more energy and intention? Try practicing yoga first thing! A morning yoga practice is powerfully energising and invigorating.  My simple morning yoga routine will help you to shake off sleepiness, stretch out stiff muscles and creaky joints, gently energise your body and focus your mind....

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22 Apr Wild Star Vinyasa Flow Yoga Sequence

Dance your way through this beautiful vinyasa flow yoga sequence inspired by two gorgeous heart opening backbends.  Move fluidly with your breath through this dance like flowing vinyasa sequence where Star Gazer Pose and Wild Thing Pose are the stars of the show!  Flowing freely and joyfully through...

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